Ah, high school. A time of such … awkwardness. You had braces! You had crushes! You had … platform slides.

Some of those old high school memories are best left where they live: in the past. But if recent fashion seasons have proven anything, it’s that some of those tried and true styles come back to haunt you (even if it’s in a very chic way). From Juicy Couture tracksuits to that Prada nylon backpack, we’re seeing it all come back in a big way. And our inner 14-year-old couldn’t be more excited.


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Prada Backpack

$1,020 SHOP NOW 2 of 9

Denim on Denim

Shop the look: Topshop?denim jacket, $85; topshop.com. Topshop?denim high rise, $70; topshop.com.?

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Friendship Bracelets

$120 set of 3 SHOP NOW 4 of 9

Platform Slides

$480 SHOP NOW 5 of 9

Juicy Couture Sweatsuit

Shop the look: Juicy Couture zip up, $80; juicycouture.com. Juicy Couture skirt, $70; juicycouture.com.?

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Mom Jeans

$251 SHOP NOW 7 of 9


$8 (Originally $32) SHOP NOW 8 of 9

Adidas Shower Slides

$45 SHOP NOW 9 of 9

Hoop Earrings