The jewelry industry is a glittering market that’s expected to grow at a rate of five percent per year through 2020, according to recent data cited by Bloomberg Intelligence. In particular, the U.S. market is fragmented with 50 of the largest companies



Brick-and-mortar jewelry stores also face competition from department stores, warehouse clubs, mass merchants, home shopping TV channels, online retailers, and auction sites.

Online jewelry sales account for only four to five percent of the market today since most customers prefer to buy expensive merchandise at the brick-and-mortar stores. When it comes to fashion jewelry or the more affordable types of jewelry, online sales are higher. Many luxury shoppers also claim to make online research first before making their in-store purchase.

Check out our list below of the most trusted online stores for jewelry shopping.

List of Online Jewelry Stores

1.  Did you know that you can buy a ring for more than $50,000 on Amazon?  Even crazier is you can buy a necklace costing more than $60K.  Want earrings, you can drop over $40K on a pair there as well.  Or have some fun and buy a tiara.

What’s the point?

My point is that Amazon has some pretty high-end jewelry along with a huge selection of lower-priced options.  Their offerings include:

  • Wedding rings,
  • Necklaces,
  • Rings generally (all carat sizes),
  • Bracelets,
  • Earrings, and
  • Anklets.

2. Jared: Everything from standard and engagement rings to bracelets and necklaces can be found at Jared. Necklaces featuring cross, heart and animal pendants are also available. Personalized jewelry that features a person’s name or birthstones can be created for anyone who wants something more unique.

3.Helzberg Diamonds: Helzberg Diamonds is one of the other leading online jewelry stores that sells stunning engagement and wedding rings. There are also plenty of diamond earrings and gemstone jewelry in the store’s collection. Men’s and women’s watches come in casual, dress, fashion and sports styles and have all the features that are needed to tell the time accurately.

4. Kay Jewelers: All the right jewelry pieces to give as gifts or add to personal collections can be found at Kay Jewelers. Bangle, chain, and anklets can help enhance any woman’s personal fashion. Chain and diamond necklaces can add more dazzle to both formal and casual outfits. Bead and dangle charms with Disney, family, and animal themes are also available.

5. Gordon’s Jewelers: Brilliant diamond and gemstone earrings and rings are available and come in many different shapes and styles. White and rose gold 10K rings can make anyone feel more appreciated. Founded in 1905, Gordon’s Jewelers has continued to raise the standards in the industry. Many store items can be ordered for less than $100.

6. Tiffany & Co.: Customers have been shopping with Tiffany & Co. for all the right jewelry pieces since 1837. Signature pieces are carefully crafted and made with some of the finest precious materials. Classic necklaces and wedding bands along with pearl and men’s jewelry are just some of the items that can be ordered. Featured collections include Tiffany T, Tiffany 1837 and Return to Tiffany. Tiffany & Co. also sells fragrances and luxury home accessories.

7. Fred Meyer Jewelers: Long known for its high-quality department stores, the Fred Meyer and Kroger brand has expanded to include selling some of the finest jewelry on the market. Engagement, promise and solitaire rings come in different prices ranges to suit everyone’s budgets. Hoop, stud and pearl earrings can be worn with a variety of outfits.

8. Reeds Jewelers: Jewelry galore for all occasions can be found at Reeds Jewelers. Many of the featured items come from acclaimed designers such as Swarovski, Roberto Coin, and PANDORA. Personalized bracelets, drop earrings and stackable rings can help complete any jewelry collection. Luxurious Rolex watches are also for sale.

9. Romwe: Affordable women’s jewelry is available from Romwe. Founded in 2010, Romwe has quickly risen to become a leading online jewelry store that also sells women’s and men’s clothing along with other fashion accessories. Select jewelry pieces include pendant necklaces, layered beaded necklaces, and gold-plated embellished ring sets.