Now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone (and the Instagrams from our out-of-town trips are all that remain), it’s time to start thinking seriously about our fall wardrobes. While we were happily shopping the holiday’s sales under the guise of preparing for a new season, we still somehow ended up buying swimsuits, a ’90s tube dress, and a pair of adorable platform sandals, which, unfortunately, have a short shelf life in this dwindling summer.

Get exclusive discounts, celeb inspo, & more. Nordstrom’s Summer Sale, which is running through September 9th and includes some of our favorite brands, like Burberry, Helmut Lang, and Frame, to name a few. For your planning pleasure, we’ve rounded up the 12 pieces you most need for fall. Find out what we’ve chosen — from outerwear to accessories to comfy knits — and why these gems can’t be missed below.

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Lewit Pleated Carrot Trousers

It’s been a great season of baring our knees in thigh-grazing skirts and mini dresses, but now it’s time to return our legs to their comfort zone — with?a layer of fabric between them and the world. This pair of pants is perfect for the transition, with their roomy fit and ankle-skimming length that immediately adds height to your frame.

The unique side-fastening sets these trousers apart and make them equally appropriate for wearing with brogues or sneakers.

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Madewell Mini Transport Perforated Leather Crossbody Bag

We love brights — honestly, we really, really do — but there’s something about fall that just makes us want to cozy up with a good neutral. This mini bag keeps a classic shade fresh in?textured leather, and it’s versatile enough that all of our other favorite fall textiles (plaid, autumnal tones, and other neutrals) are guaranteed to match. The sale price might just be the best part about this bag.

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Proenza Schouler Wool, Silk & Cashmere Stripe Sweater Dress

Just like Breton stripes rule the summer, there’s a special type of stripe that owns the fall. This black, white, and red with a dash of navy?version is basically autumn as a knit, and an especially luxe one at that. Cashmere, silk, and wool lend an excellent hand feel and help maintain warmth and breathability.

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Alexander Wang Denim & Leather Layered Jacket

The shoulder season jacket to end all shoulder season jackets, this leather and denim-combo is greater than the sum of its parts. With perfect layering already built into the design, this piece elevates?any otherwise simple outfit. We love the look of it over a white tee and those Lewit pleated trousers above.

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Leith Belted Sweater

We stood by the ‘swacket’ even before it had a name, and this particular sweater-jacket mashup is an especially amazing iteration to wear this fall. Wear it open for a relaxed, low maintenance look, or fasten up the belt and buttons for a smart finish.

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Reformation Verano Check High Waist Ankle Pants

This may be a summer sale, and these pants may have the word ‘Verano’ in the name, but this is a fall staple if we’ve ever seen one. The granddad check has us feeling like Annie Hall, but Reformation’s flattering cuts always keep its clothes looking contemporary.

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Eckhaus Latta Logo Beanie

LVMH?prize winner, Eckhaus Latta is known for its ugly-beautiful,?sometimes?challenging designs. This wool-blend beanie finds a sweet spot between interesting design and being actually wearable. It’s also a dynamic little piece to have in your cool-weather wardrobe, as you can sport it bearing the Eckhaus Latta logo or unroll?the lip for a slouchy, early-2000s?touch.

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A.L.C. Finley Wide Leg Crop Pants

Inspired by vintage military uniforms, these pants are highly retro in a utilitarian way. The antique green dye?and front patch pockets are borrowed from 1960s-era?army pants, and the adjustable lacing in the back evoke sailors’ uniforms through the ages. Unlike their vintage counterparts, these pants are made with cotton and 3 percent elastane?for maximal comfort, and are cut by expert pattern-makers, A.L.C., for the most flattering fit. They’re also widely loved by celebrities.

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Brixton Fiddler Corduroy Baker Boy Cap

Nothing can make?running errands feel like a movie montage more than an outfit topped off with an Oliver Twist-esque?cap. Kate Moss made the baker boy cap an icon in that photo by Kate Garner, but we think?you can claim it as your own this season.

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Tony Bianco Simbai Western Boot

While we’re huge fans of the cowboy boot trend, sometimes our “Yeehaw” would rather use?its indoor voice. The Western staple comes in all shapes and sizes, but we especially love this bootie for its understated detailing and versatility.

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Chloé Layered Cashmere Tank & Sweater

This baby blue cashmere getup is actually two entirely separate pieces — a knit top and a dolman-sleeve cropped sweater — so while we adore the two worn together, we’re also excited to put them to work across our wardrobe separately. The sleeveless top pairs elegantly with a pair of pleated pants, and the loose sweater can top off a summer dress you’re not ready to let go of just yet.

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Halogen Cashmere Wrap

The second Labor Day comes to an end, fall people’s auras immediately turn a rich?rust color to foreshadow the countless pumpkin spiced treats and crunchy fallen leaves they’ll be enjoying all season long. This blanket-like wrap is an outward expression of that energy, and will bring just as much joy with its luxurious softness.

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